A High School Rockstar Wiki

Being an Affiliate of A High School Rockstar Wiki is just simply being a partner of our site. There are a number of benefits to becoming an affiliate and any wiki site is entitled to become an affiliate if they meet the requirements.


Being an affiliate, the wikis would be advertised both on the official wiki site, which in this case is A High School Rockstar Wiki, and on the official Social Media pages. Affiliated sites can also be part of an event that this wiki will have, if they choose to.

Becoming An Affiliate[]

Most wikis are automatically given the status if:

  • The Admins of this wiki are Founders of that wiki;
  • If the admins of this wiki chooses to;
  • Or they are somewhat connected to the information on this wiki.

Wikis could also apply to be an affiliate by confirming with the admins that they wish to be. See below on How to apply.


To be able to become an affiliate, a wikia site should:

  • Have more than fifteen (15) pages.
  • Be active.


To apply for the affiliate status, email ahighschoolrockstar@gmail.com with the following information:

  • Wikia Username
  • Wikia Site to be affiliated
  • Email
  • And give a sentence as to why you chose to become an affiliate of our site.

The admins will then be gathering this emails once every week to approve the applications. Once they are approved, users will be contacted through the given email or through their site.

If applications are turned down, a user/admin can try once more. We prioritize those that meets most of the requirements first.