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Welcome To My Profile! Did You Know My Favourite Show Is Austin And Ally, And (Obviously) I Ship Auslly? I Will Come Here Often, Like Everyday! Unless My Mom Wants To Quickly Use The Laptop Of Course, I Kinda Broke Our Other One......Anyways, Here Are Some Facts About Me:

  • Did You Know I Am 12 Years Old?
  • That I Live In The UK, Yet Ive Seen The Whole Of Season 1 Before The Rest Premiered Here?
  • That Austin And Ally Is My Favourite Show, Along With Jessie?
  • That Im On The Other Austin And Ally Wiki Too? http://austinally.wikia.com/
  • That My Name Is Bobbie, (Don't Worry, Im A Girl)
  • That Ive Watched Disney Channel Since I Was 3? (9 years)
  • That My Middle Name Is Jade?
  • That I Might Have A Chance To Get A Record Deal?

Thats Some Facts About Me! You get To Know Me Better That Way, And Hopefully We Can Be Friends! I Think Its Important That Bullying Is Wrong, It Shouldn't Be Tolerated, So Please Do Not Bully, If Your Against Bullying, Join The Stop Bullying Association Wiki!

Thanks For Reading! And Also, This Wiki, Is Awesome! If You haven't Yet, Join! You'll Have Tons Of Fun, Chatting With Friends Across The World! Again, Thanks, Much Appreciated!

Costumes And Courages! Season 2 Of Austin And Ally!