Austin Moon
Full nameAustin Monica Moon
BirthdateDecember 29, 1996
Resides inMiami, FL
SchoolMiami Senior High School
ParentsMike Moon
Mimi Moon
SiblingsAaron Moon (Adoptive Brother)
RomancesAlly Dawson (Ex-Girlfriend)
OtherAaron Moon (Cousin)
Keith Jacobs (Cousin)
First SeenSongwriting & School
Last SeenN/A
Season(s)1, 2, 3
ActorRoss Lynch

Austin Monica Moon is a 23-year old aspiring rockstar who became an overnight sensation after "borrowing" Ally's song. He struggles to maintain his high school life and at the same time fulfill his dream of being a rockstar with the help of his friends. Austin's life becomes even more exciting with Ally being his girlfriend, his step brother joining them and new friends. He is portrayed by Ross Lynch.

About Him

Austin is outgoing and super talented, and somewhat naive, but sometimes nice. He can sing, dance, and play all sorts of instruments. Austin sings the songs that Ally writes for him. He is shown to be a slight airhead. He likes stuff animals. He is in love with Ally Dawson. He asked her out in the episode Songwriting & School and got a yes from her. He can sometimes be a pain in the neck with his monkey businesses but he is sweet and caring, especially to his friends. He introduced his adopted brother Aaron Moon to them in the episode Stars & Storms. Austin has no other dream but to fulfill his dream of making it to Hollywood and being a rockstar together with his friends. He treasures his friends more than his career, as seen in Dreams & Decisions after turning down a record from Starr Records. He is very determined to reaching his dreams.

Episode History

Season 1

Songwriting & School

Austin is introduced as the aspiring rockstar who became famous as an overnight internet sensation after borrowing one of Ally's songs and making a music video with it. As he gradually reach for his dreams, Austin is faced with the struggles of living a high school life and continuing to reach for his dream. He is then faced with one more thing, his feelings for Ally. As he gets to know Ally more, he can't deny his feelings towards Ally. After much confrontation with Dez, he finally had the guts to come up to Ally and confess his feelings for her. At the end, he asks her for permission to woo her, which he succeeds.

Dates & Dares

Red Lovester2

After an intense night of wooing Ally, he finally gets a yes from her. Austin then decides to bring Ally to their first date, which he gets a coupon from Trish to use. After realizing that the coupon was invalid, he still tried his best to make Ally special. After a long night, they planned to conclude their date with their first kiss. Austin made the move by looking deep into Ally's eyes, moving his lips closer to her. Just as they were having the most romantic moment in their life, the restaurant waiter halts their kiss and tells them that the restaurant is closed. Austin and Ally didn't have their first kiss.

Stars & Storms

Austin is being invited to Ally's house to have a talk with Mr. Dawson. Austin tells the others to stay awhile at Sonic Boom so that they can meet his special guests. The time came as Austin introduces his step-brother, Aaron with his girlfriend Lexi. As they are having fun getting to hang out, they didn't realize the pending storm. When they get stuck in the store, Austin calms everyone down and tells them that there are lots of things to do, but he was wrong. At the end, Austin and the rest finds a way out.

Nightmares & Nightclubs

Austin has been having nightmares for three straight nights about his grandma, a peanut vendor and a viking. This causes him to be tired all the time, and can't concentrate. He can't close his eyes as he dreams of his nightmare every time he does. Austin finds a way, with the help of his friends, to stop his nightmares as he needs to rest for his upcoming gig at a nightclub. At the end, Austin passes out on stage because of a sleeping powder mixed in juice that he drank before his performance. But this time, he didn't have a nightmare. He found out that the nightmares was caused by a lot of stress.

Spies & Missions

Austin and the gang are mistaken for a spy, and are trained to do a mission in Dubai. Austin trains hard for his first spy mission. He spends time with Ally during training. In Dubai, Austin shows his leadership skills as he leads the team to take down a villain who plans on destroying the music industry and wiping it off the planet completely. With the help of his skills that he learnt from training, he and his team successfully takes down the villain.

Musicals & Mansions

After finding about the audition for a musical in school, Austin fights with Lexi and Trish to get the lead spot, whose character is a unique one, and the gender depending on the person who gets the spot. Austin was so blinded by the spotlight that he didn't realize that he was fighting with the wrong enemy. In the end, neither of the three got the spot. Austin feels sorry for his actions and apologizes to Lexi and Trish.

Parties & Proms

With the prom nearing, Austin prepares something special for Ally. He surprises Ally by scattering some flowers in the store, lighting some candles and doing a special dance for her. At the end of his little performance, he asks ally formally to the prom where he gets a big yes. During the prom, Austin asks Ally to dance with him. During the after party, Ally brought up the fact that they haven't had their first kiss. Austin just smiles and tells her that the right time will come.

Lockers & Lovers

Austin gets some alone time with Ally when they visit the carnival and rides the Lover's Boat. Austin calls it their second date, and Ally says that everyday with him is a date. Austin had a question in mind, but was interrupted when the ride broke down. Austin helps Ally in getting out the boat and they try to find the exit.

Tours & Talents

This episode doesn't involve Austin as much as the other episodes does. Austin is performing at the Talent Show, but not as a contestant. He is performing the official theme song of the Talent show that was written by Ally. This is the first in the series where Austin introduced Ally as her girlfriend and partner in front of a whole crowd.

Frights & Fights

In this episode, Austin once again leads the group in trying to help Ally overcome her fear of Stage fright. He then argues with Dez after he disrupts the conversation and questions his leadership. Austin accidentally yells out that he shouldn't have been his best friend, causing Dez to run away from Sonic Boom. After Trish, Aaron, Lexi and Ally figures everything out, Austin and Dez rejoins and apologizes to each other. He then brainstorms on ideas of how Ally could avid being embarrassed once again on stage.

Detentions & Dairies

After being late for Mr. Garner's class, Austin gets detention during lunch hour. He spends his time in Ms. Donna's room with Lexi. After deciding that the torture should be over, he made a plan to escape with Lexi. He reached the gym and witnesses a food fight ongoing. The principal made them clean up as well, after finding out that they escaped Detention.

Challenges & Careers

Austin meets a new friend that will help him throughout his journey, Tyler Fox. After finding a way for Ally to avoid stage fright on her spelling bee challenge, he finds himself stuck in school with Trish and the other. He was invited to a career orientation, telling them how to find a good career in the future. After escaping from the orientation, they watch the spelling bee challenge.

Break-Ups & Battles

Austin, Dez and Aaron are joining the Battle of the Bands in the Mall of Miami, but after Trish breaks up the group, One Direction, Austin decides to drop off the competition to offer their spots to One Direction as a plan to get them back together. At the end, their plan works and One Direction rejoins.

Pastries & Paybacks

Austin & Ally have been partners for a year, and Trish holds a party for the celebration. But there are some uninvited guest who crashes the party and plans to ruin Austin's career. Ex-Miami H8ter girl, Tilly Thompson, and Austin's Ex-Manager, Demonica Dixon comes back for revenge to ruin Austin's career. The plan backfires on them as they get a ban on visiting the mall premises.

Lessons & Letters

this episode does not involve Austin much. Austin helps Tyler find his secret admirer by watching over his locker, and finds it to be Samantha Bennett. After school, Austin and the group goes with Jennifer for her after school lesson, which turned out to be detention. After getting stuck in detention, he and the others plans to escape and successfully does.

Elections & Eruptions

For the 2012 School Government Election, Austin runs for student body president. Knowing that his only opponent is Lexi, he does everything to prevent her from winning. After fighting at the day of election Austin & Lexi accidentally activates Trish & Dez's volcanoes placed around the gym, causing it to erupt. Austin was too focused in defeating Lexi that he didn't know that there were more candidates, other than the two of them.

Accidents & Arts

After the Sonic Boom burns down, Austin finds out that he was one of the people to blame. He helped the Dawsons rebuilt their store to make it up to them and performs an acoustic version of the song that he performed in the Sonic Boom for the first time before.

Concerts & Chores

After throwing a party at his house, Austin wakes up to a house in a mess. Mike, Austin's father, punishes him by making him clean every single part of the house, but Austin has to perform at the concert that weekend. So, he enlist the help of his friends to clean up the house. After doing hard work, he finishes cleaning up. Unfortunately, he wan't able to perform as the concert was cancelled.

Dreams & Decisions

Austin's dream is finally coming true! He is invited by Starr Records to Los Angeles to sign a record deal and announce it to the world through a Tv Interview. After finding out that he has to split with his Team, he makes a big decision that will affect his career. He announces in front of Live Television that he won't sign with Starr Records. He explains to his friends that he loves them, ending the Season 2 with, "Miami here we come!".

Season 2

Secrets & Snakes

Austin helps Ally to discover the past about his grandfather. After a wall is broken by Aaron at Sonic Boom, Austin helps fix it while trapping the snakes that came from the Reptile Store. This episode does not focus too much on Austin.

Rumours & Rockstars

Austin is featured in the Teen Intrigue Magazine, but there's one problem: All the information about him shows horrible things about him and his friends. He then hatches a plan with his friends to stop Giovana from ever publishing rumours again. He then pays her a visit, and performs a song to prove to her that he is a real rockstar. At the same time, they embarrass her, but not on purpose, on camera.

Vampires & Vests

Austin is in danger after the group suspects famous teen pop sensation, Jane Grant, to be a vampire and will be killing everyone at Austin's performance, including him. Austin and the gang continues to investigate, only to find that they were looking in the wrong place. They soon found out that her assistant, Vira, is the vampire. When they confront her, Austin was put down by Vira, but he was saved by Aaron.

Pranks & Promises

Austin gets a big gig as he gets offered once again by Starr Records to perform at a small concert being held at the Mall of Miami theatre. His rehearsals are interrupted by continuous pranks and Austin doesn't stop until he finds the prankster that could prevent him from proving himself to Starr Records. Austin finds out that Aaron has been pranking him and chases after him.

Season 3

New Beginnings & Newcomers

Austin debuts on his very first acting career. He gets a chance to be in his favourite movie, The Zaliens franchise. Austin prepares for his role in the movie when he finds out that he only appears in a cameo and gets killed off on screen a few minutes into the movie with a meteor. Austin accepts his role and thinks of it as his first step into being an actor.

Truths & Traps

Austin is performing with Ally for the Spooky Town Bash 2013 during halloween. Having difficulty writing a song, Austin suggests that they need an inspiration. Austin, together with Team Austin, head to a local haunted house for some inspiration but finds out it was a trap house. When almost all of them are trapped, Austin prepares to say goodbye to Ally when the walls start closing on them. They get rescued by Aaron before their death and are able to perform a song he once wrote.

Heartaches & Hackers

Austin's relationship with Ally is in the way of their studies, causing their parents to hatch a plan for them to break up. Austin encounters Melody, a girl hired by his parents to break the two up. Austin questions her on and on but becomes confused of Melody. Ally finds them hugging and takes it the wrong way without letting Austin explain. Austin finds out of his parents plan and runs away.

Make-Ups & Matches

Wanting to fix things between him and Ally, Austin finds her in their secret hangout on the rooftop of the mall. He explains their parents plan, which Ally already knows. They both decide that it would be better to stay friends, even if Austin didn't want them to break up. Austin hides his true feelings and pretends to move on. Austin is convinced to make an online dating profile and gets a date that same night. At the restaurant, he finds out that Ally was his date but they both decide not to continue with the date and instead head to the food court where they were to perform.

Jaguars & Jealousy

Austin gets jealous when Adrian Clarence asks Ally on a date. He then finds out that dating Ally was a part of Adrian's bet with Dylan Grant. He gets furious and looks for Ally when the jaguar got loose in the school. He finds Ally and tells her the truth, denying that he was jealous. He helps Ally take revenge on Adrian during her performance at the end of the school day.

Winters & Wonderlands

Austin wants to impress Ally by making it seem like winter in Miami. He enlist Jake Daugherty's help by decorating a studio near the mall to look like Canada, with snow and a temperature below zero. He invites Ally to the Winter Set but stays there for only a few minutes and gets back to Sonic Boom where they film Dez's movie.


Ally Dawson

Partner/Best Friend/Girlfriend

Ally Dawson is Austin's partner in his career. She writes the songs that Austin performs. She is also her best friend, someone who he can rely on in times of trouble. Someone who supports him with his decisions. In the first episode, Ally became Austin's girlfriend when Austin confesses his love to her.


Best Friend

Dez is Austin's childhood best friend. Since kindergarten, Austin has been very close to Dez. They all know each other very well. Dez films and directs Austin's music videos that they post online. Austin treats Dez like a brother. Dez always helps Austin when he is in need.

Trish De La Rosa

Best Friend/Manager

Trish is another of Austin's best friend. She literally does everything to help Austin become famous. That is because she is a best friend and a manager to him. He looks for gigs for Austin and helps him get record deals, concerts and more.

Aaron Moon

Step-Brother/Best Friend

Aaron is Austin's step brother. They adopted him when he was still a baby. Aaron is like a role model to Austin. He wants to follow the steps of his brother and become a famous rockstar. Aaron helps, supports and cares for Austin. He wants the best for Austin and helps him reach his dreams.

Lexi Reed


Lexi is on of Austin's close friends. They may fight for the spotlight often but they are close friends. They support each other and help make their dreams come true.

Tyler Fox


Tyler is another of Austin's close friends. As friends, they guide each other and help each other. Austin describes him as a newcomer in their team.


Mike Moon


Mike Moon is Austin's dad. Although he tells Austin that he has a bazillion to one chance of making in to the music business, he still supports his son full force. He gives him his needs in following his dreams and provides him with a good lifestyle. He also encourages him to join their family business.

Mimi Moon

Mother Mimi Moon is Austin's mom. He gets treated like a baby by his mom. He is loved and cared by her. She supports him in following his dream.

Aaron Moon


Aaron is Austin's step brother. They adopted him when he was still a baby. Aaron is like a role model to Austin. He wants to follow the steps of his brother and become a famous rockstar. Aaron helps, supports and cares for Austin. He wants the best for Austin and helps him reach his dreams.


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