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Benedict Beckham
Full nameBenedict Beckham
Resides inMiami, FL
OtherAlly Dawson (Possible Crush)
First Seen"Team-Ups & Trainings"
Last Seen"Team-Ups & Trainings"
ActorGarrett Clayton

Benedict Beckham is one of Vinyl Records' artists.

About Him[]

Benedict is a very cool and calm guy. He doesn't seem to be that smart and is very care-free. He is somewhat self-centered, stating that he knows that Trish likes him. He is very proud of himself. Aside from his charming looks, he is also kind of a gentle guy. He also thinks that Ally is cute, saying that the girl he shared a studio with was cute.

He also seems to not see the difference between faces since he didn't recognize Ally after the intense exercise. He is very fit, considering he didn't get tired doing the intense routines. He is also very popular among girls, especially Trish.