Brian Efron
Full nameBrian Efron
Resides inMiami, FL
OccupationCollege Student
OtherZac Helm (Cousin)
Heath Helm (Cousin)
Hunter Helm (Uncle)
Jonah Helm (Uncle)
Melissa Helm (Aunt)
First Seen"Vampires & Vests"
Last SeenN/A
Season(s)2, 3
ActorJean-Luc Bilodeau

Brian Efron is a 20-year old teenager, cousin of Zac Helm and a Miami Senior High Alumnus. He is portrayed by Jean-Luc Bilodeau.

About Him

Brian is a very active and friendly guy. If he likes someone, he goes straight to the point and asks them out. He has a sense of humour as seen in the episode, Vampires & Vests. Although he teases Zac, they are close cousins. He goes for the singer types, but he dates almost anyone. Like Zac, he is outgoing and likes parties.

Episode History

Season 2

Vampires & Vests

Brian is first introduced by Zac to Austin and the group. He is introduced as an alumnus of Miami Senior High. He starts hitting on Jane and in the end, he asks her out to dinner. But before they could go to dinner, Brian and Jane are attacked by Vira, the vampire.


Zac Helm


Zac is Brian's cousin. Although he sometimes teases him, Brian is very close to Zac.

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