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Bruce Jackson
Full nameBruce Jackson
Resides inMiami, FL
OtherTony Maller (Business Partner)
First Seen"Pageants & Peacocks"
Last Seen"Pageants & Peacocks"
ActorRussell Durham Comegys

Bruce Jackson is a hunter. He is portrayed by Russell Durham Comegys.

About Him[]

Bruce is a hunter and is the business partner of Tony Maller. He is not as smart as others and often think about food. He also does not finish his sentences and Tony finishes it for him. He is not certain of some of the terms being a hunter like the term tranquilizer. He has a lot of questions. Unlike Tony, Bruce is not selfish and greedy. He questions why their motto sound selfish and requested to change it. Although he's always bossed around by Tony, he can stand up to himself.