Challenges & Careers

Season 1, Episode 12

Challenges & Careers
Air DateJune 16, 2012
Written ByAustinandallywiki
Directed ByAustinandallywiki
Production No.112
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"Break-Ups & Battles"

Challenges & Careers is the twelveth episode of A High School Rockstar. It is scheduled to be released to Youtube on June 16, 2012. This episode introduces a new minor character, Tyler Fox, who is going to be in the rest of the episodes.


When Ally accidentally challenges Alison, the rich spoiled brat from Miami Prestige High in the Speling Bee, she looks for a way to prevent her stage fright from causing her to lose. Meanwhile, the rest of the group gets caught in an orientation that they try to escape from. Will they be able to see what would happen in the Spelling Bee?


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