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This is a list of characters from the Moon Channel series, A High School Rockstar. The series centers around Austin Moon and his team, who goes on adventures, gets into trouble and follows their dreams while constantly facing some challenges that none of them could't handle.

Main Characters[]

Austin Moon[]

Austin is the 16-year old aspiring rockstar who partnered up with a talented songwriter to pursue his dreams. Austin is a outgoing and talented, who can play most of the musical instruments. He is often arrogant, but is soft-hearted. He loves plush toys and pancakes.

Ally Dawson[]

Ally is the 16-year old aspiring songwriter who partnered up with a rockstar to follow her dreams of being a successful songwriter. She also has a passion for singing, but her stage fright holds her back from doing so. She is a smart young lady who is responsible, unlike her best friend. She encourages her friends a lot and is very supportive.


Trish De La Rosa[]

Aaron Moon[]

Lexi Reed[]

Tyler Fox[]

Recurring Characters[]