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Chloe Hays
Full nameChloe Dianne Hays
Resides inMiami, FL
SchoolMiami Senior High School
OtherLexi Reed (Enemy)
First Seen"Pageants & Peacocks"
Last Seen"Pageants & Peacocks"
ActorMarie Avgeropoulos

Chloe Hays is a student in Miami Senior High and Lexi's opponent in the School Pageant. She is portrayed by Marie Avgeropoulos.

About Her[]

Chloe is one of the beauties of Miami Senior High, like Lexi. She brags about her beauty and uses events like the school pageant to showcase it to everyone. She does everything to win, even if she has to step on other people. She cheated and replaced Lexi's speech card in order to win, which means that she must feel threatened with her. She is one of Lexi's enemy in the school.

She acts like a diva and gives very good comebacks. She also seems to be rich and spoiled. She seems to be a good liar and actress as she pretends to not know anything about cheating, although she was caught red handed when her dress tore and Lexi's original speech fell of it. It is unknown if Chloe was suspended for her acts.