Chyna Parks
Full nameChyna Parks
BirthdateSeptember 26, 2001
Resides inSan Francisco, CA
OccupationStudent, Musician
SchoolWebster High School
ParentsRoxanne Parks (Mother)
Darryl Parks (Father)
GrandparentsGladys Parks (Grandmother)
SiblingsCameron Parks (Brother)
First Seen"Competitions & Clowns"
Last Seen"Competitions & Clowns"
ActorChina Anne McClain

China Parks is a musical prodigy who can play 1 instrument. She is a wonderful singer and surprises people with her strong, beautiful voice. She's good at dancing, cheerleading, and drama. Never afraid of a challenge, she sees high school as an exciting place

China is an optimistic and outgoing girl who never gives up. Being witty and clever, she is always eager to help people out, but she also likes helping herself and can become selfish at certain times.

China was always picked on by Dez, although she always ends up the winner, even if she doesn't do anything. She likes to help out friends, ther are Lexiand Tyler even friends of her friends. She also doesn't like people feeling left out or upset when she can do something about it. She also doesn't like to let people down, however when she does this she tends to find out she's being conned. yeet or be yeeted

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