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David Fitt
Full nameDavid Fitt
OccupationTrainer, TV Personality, Host
ChildrenUnnamed Daughters
First Seen"Team-Ups & Trainings"
Last Seen"Team-Ups & Trainings"
ActorChris Powell

David Fitt is a famous trainer and television host that leads the annual Vinyl Records' Training Day program. He is portrayed by Chris Powell.

About Him[]

Chris Powell is one of the most famous trainers in the industry. Not only is he a trainer, he is also the host of the TV Show, Lose That Fat, that helps contestant lose weight in order to win (Parody of Biggest Loser). David is very serious and focused in what he does and does not want any distraction, especially to those he trains. He is a very intense trainer and usually has very severe punishments like push-ups and running. He is very fit and healthy and likes the outdoors.

David uses fear in encouraging trainees to do their best and push them to the limits. He also seems to shout a lot, especially when giving orders. Although he looks tough and scary, David cares about his "students". He states that the reason he shouts a lot is to push them to be focused and to motivate and encourage them. He also has daughters, and he jokes that he does not shout at them when he talks. He is very keen in helping people stay fit and healthy that he has surveillance in the cafeteria of Vinyl Records' office.