A High School Rockstar Wiki
Full nameDean
Resides inMiami, FL
SchoolMiami Senior High School
First Seen"Chocolates & Classes"
Last Seen"Jaguars & Jealousy"
Season(s)2, 3
ActorDevin Fox

Dean is a student from Miami Senior High. He is close friends with Zac Helm. He is portrayed by Devin Fox

About Him[]

Dean is a senior student in Miami Senior High, close friends with Zac. He acts like one of the coolest kids in school and likes cheerleader, as seen when he becomes glad when he saw Lexi. Dean does not believe what people say at first, as he doubts when Trish said she did her homework. Dean is very resourceful and sometimes breaks the school rules. He can get all information any student wants.

He can hack computers and has lots of connections. He uses his skills to find information on students if they ever need it. He states that its his job to gather information on students. Dean speaks in a slang way, saying "Sick" when he saw Dez's jaguar.