Dreams & Decisions

Season 1, Episode 19

Dreams & Decisions
Air DateAugust 25, 2012
Written ByAaron Moon
Directed ByAaron Moon
Production No.119
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Dreams & Decisions is the finale episode of A High School Rockstar Season 1. It was the twenty-first episode, until Season 1 cuts 2 episodes off the list. It is now the nineteenth episode of Season 1. It aired on August 25, 2012.


The day has come for Austin to choose which path he'll take for the rest of his life. Austin's dream has finally arrived at his doorstep when he and his team are invited to Hollywood! Starr Records is giving him a once in a lifetime opportunity that could change his life.


Trish shows up to Sonic Boom wearing a cover on her forehead. She showed the group what caused the bump on her forehead by showing an Email from Starr Records. The email said:

"Starr Records hereby invite you, Ms. De La Rosa, with your client, Austin Moon and your team to Starr Records located in Hollywood, California this coming Sunday. We have sent six plane tickets for immediate use only on Sunday, August 26, 2012."

Austin faints, hitting his head on the floor. This explained the bump on Trish's head, as she fainted after reading the email. Tyler, Zac and Jennifer enters the store saying that they heard the news, as Ally shouted it loud enough for them to hear it from the other side of the mall, as they were watching a movie. Starr Records only sent six plane tickets, only enough for Austin, Ally, Dez, Trish, Aaron and Lexi. Tyler volunteers to pay for his, Zac, Sam and Jennifer's plane tickets.

Tyler then reveals that him and Samantha are dating, kind of. The group decides to meet up at the airport at 7 in the morning. (Coming Soon...)

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