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Emma Ross
Full nameEmma Ross
Resides inNew York, NY
SiblingsLuke Ross
Ravi Ross
Zuri Ross
OtherJessie Prescott (Nanny)
First Seen"Nannies & Nurses"
Last Seen"Nannies & Nurses"
ActorPeyton List

Emma Ross is an extraordinarily beautiful, bubbly, and yet cynical girl. She is one of the Ross Kids that Jessie takes care of and is a huge fan of Austin Moon. She is the one who introduces Austin to Jessie.

About Her[]

Emma is a girly, sweet, and very fashionable teenage girl. And though she is a bit of an airhead, she strives to do her best with everything she does. She also displays a little bit of sass in everything she does. Emma has a very good sisterly bond with her sister Zuri, but usually fights with Luke and occasionally Ravi. She also admires Jessie.

She tends to scream loudly when excited or scared. She can sometimes be a spoiled brat but often works for the things she wants. Despite her sass, she respects everyone older than her, most of the time.