Garrett Backstrom
Full NameGarrett Backstrom
BirthplaceBurbank, CA
BirthdateOctober 25, 1995
Years Active2010 - Present
RoleZac Helm

Garrett Backstrom (October 25, 1995) is an american actor, born and raised in Colorado Springs, CO. He portrays Zac Helm in A High School Rockstar series.


Garrett Backstrom was born and raised in Colorado Springs, CO. Garrett was an 11-year gymnast, two-time state champion. Garrett came to CA two years ago to pursue acting. He landed roles in two feature films and two television shows, as well as numerous commercials. He loves outdoor sports, including skiing and snowboarding. He is active in mixed martial arts & Krav Maga, hoping to utilize these skills in his future acting endeavors. Garrett also looks forward to a future in directing and/or producing.


Backstrom has guest starred in tv series and films like Lab Rats and JESSIE. He also has an upcoming appearance in the film "The Motel Life" to be released this 2012. He also got the lead role of Herman for "Hello Herman".



Title Role Notes
2010 My First Claire Boy #1 Short
2010 The Pefect Hurl Tommy Kettelson Short
2011 Hello Herman Herman (Lead) Lead Part
2011 Brothers & Sisters (TV Series) Andrew Walk Down The Aisle Episode
2012 Lab Rats (TV Series) Ethan Leo's Jam & Smart and Smarter
2012 JESSIE (TV Series) Vincent Badfellas (2012)
2012 The Motel Life Jerry Lee (Young) 16 year old Jerry Lee
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