Ghosts & Ghouls

Season 2, Episode 07

Ghosts & Ghouls
Air DateOctober 31, 2012
Written ByAaron Moon
Directed ByAaron Moon
Production No.207
ChannelFanfic Channel
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Ghosts & Ghouls is the seventh episode in Season 2 of A High School Rockstar. This is a halloween special, with the episode airing on a Wednesday, instead of its usual Saturday time slot. It aired on October 31, 2012.


Vira Emp returns on the night of Halloween to haunt Austin and his friends to get revenge on them. Vira sends a cloud of chemicals over the mall of miami, causing a chemical rain and anyone exposed to this rain turns into a zombie, a vampire, or a beast. Now, they must find a way to save these innocent people and put an end to Vira's evil plans.


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