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Heath Helm
Full nameHeath Helm
Resides inMiami, Fl
ParentsJonah Helm (Father)
Melissa Helm (Mother)
SiblingsZac Helm (Brother)
OtherBrian Efron (Cousin)
Hunter Helm (Uncle)
First Seen"Music Videos & Masks"
Last Seen"Music Videos & Masks"
ActorLogan Moreau

Heath Helm is a character in Season 3 of A High School Rockstar. He is portrayed by Logan Moreau.

About Him[]

Heath is Zac's younger brother. He is a cute and charming 2-year old baby. Although he looks behave, Heath does not make Zac's job of being an older brother easy. He seems to escape from watch whenever he has the chance and often climbs into high grounds, like when he went up the catwalk of the studio his parents were working at. Heath is just like any other baby brother.