High School Rockstar
TitleHigh School Rockstar
Performed ByAustin Moon
WriterSpencer Yee
Angela Fletcher
EpisodeRumours & Rockstars
"Dream Come True"

High School Rockstar is a song featured in Season 2 of A High School Rockstar. The song is performed by Austin in the episode, Rumours & Rockstars. In real life, the song was written by Spencer Yee and Angela Fletcher.


everyday I wake up, I see myself like I always have bad luck but the truth I have a heart and soul for music yeah that's my role my role is the being a pop star but first I have be the best high school rockstar high school rockstar shout it out, shout it out high school rockstar that's what I am ,that's what I am.

everyday with them boys im always chilling playing my song over again that's how im winning im trying to become a heartthrob so the girls see me, im so fresh I aint no wannabe killing this is the real me become a high school rockstar yeah im living the dream

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