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Homepage Update is a page that showcase previous updates on A High School Rockstar's homepage. There are mostly small edits and are edited by are wonderful Admins.


Homepage Updates made by our admins are usually done once a month or once every two months. This all depends on new features or ideas that comes to wiki and our admins. Updates include background picture, colours of the wiki, headings, templates, arrangements of components and much more. The latest update was done on April 16, 2012 by our newest admin addition, FashionGal.


Update 1.0[]

Homepage Update 1.0

This update was done once the wiki was created on April 7, 2012. This update was designed by our founder and head admin, Austinandallywiki. The background is the first of this wiki. The layout is simple with two columns.

Update 1.1[]

Homepage Update 1.1

This update was done on April 16, 2012. This was updated by our newest admin addition FashionGal. The update kept it's layout but the headers have changed. There is also some additions like the countdown timer for the next coming episode.