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Jane Grant
Full nameJane Grant
Resides inLos Angeles, CA
OccupationTeen Pop Star
RomancesBrian Efron (Date)
First Seen"Vampires & Vests"
Last Seen"Vampires & Vests"
ActorOlivia Holt

Jane Grant is a famous Teen Pop Star. She is portrayed by Olivia Holt.

About Her[]

Jane is a famous singer who comes to Miami to perform. She tries to live a normal teenage life but is too busy with her career. She is a sweet but fierce girl. Like Brian, she dates a lot of people due to her popularity.

Episode History[]

Season 2[]

Vampires & Vests[]

Jane is seen trying to live a normal life by hanging out at the mall. She encounters Austin and the group and starts a conversation with them. Throughout the episode, She is mistaken as the vampire but she was also attacked by the vampire. While the group defeats Vira, Jane entertains the people of Miami by performing a song.