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Jennifer Golden
Full nameJennifer Golden
Resides inMiami, Fl
OccupationBank of Miami Employee
RomancesJoshua (Past Love Interest; Mentioned)
First Seen"Bankrupts & Brothers"
Last Seen"Bankrupts & Brothers"
ActorZibby Allen

Jennifer Golden is a Bank of Miami Employee who tells the Dawson Family that the bank is taking over Sonic Boom. She is portrayed by Zibby Allen.

About Her[]

Jennifer is a very hardworking and straight-forward woman. She is very devoted to her job. She doesn't have difficulty in telling people bad news, as she did to Lester. She is very formal, and wears formal clothing as part of her job. She works for the Bank of Miami. Jennifer seemed to not like kids as she complained about teenagers being in the store. She gets annoyed easily when people meddle with her business, even though she often goes too far in telling her stories.

She chose her freedom from kids over her love, Joshua. Jennifer is very professional and brief when taking care of business. She explained to the Dawson family that the bank owns Sonic Boom, which is how she knows the sales records of the store. She mentions at the end of the episode that kids always ruins her days, which maybe the reason why she doesn't like kids or teenagers that much.