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Jennifer Mane
Full nameJennifer Mane
Resides inMiami, FL (Previous)
Paris (Current)
SchoolMiami Senior High School (Previous)
RomancesZac Helm (Crush)
First Seen"Challenges & Careers"
Last Seen"Dramas & Departures"
Season(s)1, 2
ActorAnna Maria Perez De Tagle

Jennifer Mane is a 15-year old rich girl. She is Alison Marche's best friend. She is portrayed by Anna Maria Perez de Taglé.

About Her[]

Jennifer Mane is daughter of rich company owners. She goes to the same school as Tyler Fox and Alison Marche. She might agree with what Alison says, but she doesn't hate Austin and his friends. She sometimes interacts with them whenever she goes to the mall. She is often treated disrespectfully by Alison, as she is not the most intelligent girl in their school, but still gets along with others well.