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Kate Kalinski
Full nameKate Kalinski
Resides inUnknown
OccupationSinger, Artist, Actress
First Seen"Team-Ups & Trainings"
Last Seen"Team-Ups & Trainings"
ActorLea Michele

Kate Kalinski is one of Vinyl Records' top artist. She went to the Vinyl Records Training with Katy, Ally, Trish and Lexi. She is portrayed by Lea Michele.

About Her[]

Kate Kalinski is on of the top artist of Vinyl Records and is one of the best singer. She is very famous and also starred in film, Really Mean Gals, where her notable scene was when a girl was pulling her hair. Kate is very tough on the inside and yet does not know how to use it.

She is frightened by the instructor, David, stating that she doesn't want to run until all is left is her skin and bones. She is very humble and does not boast about all her achievements. She is very understanding, and thoughtful. She understood why David was acting that way. She is very mature as an artist.