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Laith Aries
Full nameLaith Aries
Resides inMiami, FL
ParentsHannah Aries
First Seen"World Tours & Wars"
Last SeenTBA
ActorLuke Benward

Laith Aries is an 18-year old singer and one of Starr Records' client. He is portrayed by Luke Benward.

About Him[]

Laith Aries is an arrogant singer. He is one of the few rising stars and clients of Starr Records. He might be a charming guy for some, but inside, he is the self centered person who thinks he is better than everyone. He can sometimes be aggressive, especially when it comes to challenges and proving who is superior.

He considers himself the alpha, or the superior of them all. He may have a sweet side, often flirting with girls. He easily gets away from embarrassment by making different excuses and can be sensitive at times.