Lessons & Letters

Season 1, Episode 15

Lessons & Letters
Air DateJuly 14, 2012
Written ByAustinandallywiki
Directed ByAustinandallywiki
Production No.115
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"Pastries & Paybacks"
"Elections & Eruptions"

Lessons & Letters is the fifteenth episode of A High School Rockstar. It aired on July 14, 2012 in a special week, together with Pastries & Paybacks.


Tyler and Jennifer are surprised with a not so warm welcome on their first day of school at Miami Senior High. After getting a letter from an unknown source, Zac assumes it's a love letter for Tyler and the guys stop at nothing to find his secret admirer. Meanwhile, Jennifer is invited by a teacher to an after school lesson. The group are in for a surprise when they accompany Jennifer and realize that the lesson they're in for is not a normal kind of lesson.


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