Miley Grant
Full nameMiley Grant
Resides inLos Anegles, CA (Previous)
Miami, FL (Current)
OccupationJunior Scientist
ParentsMr. Grant
Mrs. Grant
SiblingsDylan Grant (Brother)
OtherGena (Alligator Pet)
First Seen"Make-Ups & Matches"
Last SeenN/A
ActorEmma Stone

Miley Grant is Dylan's older sister. She is portrayed by Emma Stone.

About Her

Miley is an intelligent young lady, the sister of Dylan. She is the complete opposite of Dylan, hardworking and very friendly looking. She is a junior scientist at the MSW Laboratories. She likes science not just because both her parents are scientist. She has a passion for animals like alligators, like her father. Miley does not have a good relationship with Dylan and they often fight. Nevertheless, she still cares about him enough to make sure he does what he needs to do, like go to a doctors appointment.

Miley prefers the company of her alligator, Gena. It is a norm for her to take care of reptiles but thinks that its weird to have a pet reindeer and other animals that are typically not a pet. Miley is the older sister and thus almost always win in an argument with Dylan. She can control her temper and can always keep a smile even when frustrated.

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