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Mr. Conley
Full nameMr. Conley
Resides inMiami, FL
OccupationMiami Senior High School Teacher
OtherMr. Fluffles (Pet)
First Seen"Jaguars & Jealousy"
Last Seen"Jaguars & Jealousy"
ActorMichael McCafferty

Mr. Conley is an english teacher in Miami Senior High School. He is portrayed by Michael McCafferty.

About Him[]

Mr. Conley is a teacher in Miami Senior High. He is used to all the monkey business that students do in school, so he is not surprised by what he sees, like a jaguar in school. He always seems serious, which is why students always take what he says seriously. He is like any other teacher in school. He expects students to be at their best behaviour in class and to always do their work in time.

He favourites Adrian Clarence in his class as he always hands in his work in time. He also voted for him. He assigns readings in his class and rarely teaches. He also has a pet bunny, Mr. Fluffles, which he brings to school with him.