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Mr. Crane
Full nameMr. Crane
Resides inMiami, FL
OccupationMiami Senior High School Teacher
First Seen"Troubles & Talk Shows"
Last Seen"Transfers & Tacos"
ActorBen Stein

Mr. Crane is a math teacher in Miami Senior High School. He is portrayed by Ben Stein.

About Him[]

Mr. Crane is a teacher that a student should never judge. he is smarter than he looks. He is strict, which may be because of his old age. He can tolerate the behaviour of his students but not when they fail in his class. The things that he say may not mean the same thing as what his students comprehend. He has a sense of humor as he says that he won't resign teaching until Dez become as smart as his three year-old grandson. He throws insult at students indirectly.