Mr. Stilinski
Full nameMr. Stilinski
Resides inMiami, FL
OccupationMiami Senior High School Football Coach
OtherUnknown Dog (Pet)
First Seen"Ghosts & Ghouls"
Last Seen"Sports & Scams"
ActorPatrick Gallagher

Mr. Stilinski is Miami Senior High's coach in football. He is portrayed by Patrick Gallagher.

About HimEdit

Mr. Stilinski is like any sports coach. He is very competitive and strict. He trains his students to always do beyond their best to be able to beat the other team, even if it was a friendly game. He is very kind with animals and cares about them as he searched everywhere when his dog, who couldn't walk, went missing.

Mr. Stilinski has a sense of humor but often goes way over the line. His prank of scamming people caused a lot of chaos and misery to customers, although he did return their money.

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