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Mrs. Walker
Full nameMrs. Walker
Resides inMiami, FL
OccupationMiami Senior High School Teacher
First Seen"Heartaches & Hackers"
Last Seen"Heartaches & Hackers"
ActorDana Wheeler-Nicholson

Mrs. Walker is a teacher in Miami Senior High.

About Her[]

Mrs. Walker is a teacher in Chemistry at Miami Senior High. She takes her class seriously and is very organized. She doesn't want other students to sit anywhere and has a sitting plan for every class. She has a sense of humour, especially when giving back students their tests. She is very strict to her students.

She is curious sometimes, as she is the few first people to wonder what Dez's last name was. Mrs. Walker is not very hard on her students, and often explains to Dez that the things he does can be out of this world weird, like how walking an invisible pet is not an important errand.