Olive Doyle
Full nameOlive Daphne Doyle
BirthdateJanuary 6, 2001
Resides inSan Francisco, CA
SchoolWebster High School
First Seen"Competitions & Clowns"
Last Seen"Competitions & Clowns"
ActorSierra McCormick

Olive Doyle is the Internet of the A.N.T. farm. She is best known for her photographic memory. Olive, always ready with a fact about pretty much everything, is somewhat of an over-thinker.

About HerEdit

Olive is a human computer. She is known for her photographic memory, though the term "photographic" is an understatement, as she is able to remember everything she's seen or heard. It is very helpful to her, but of course there are somethings that she would rather forget. She is scared of the big kids, and would much rather hide in the A.N.T. farm, but her new friend Chyna always pulls her along into the outside world. She is very friendly, and also weird.

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