Parties & Proms

Season 1, Episode 07

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Air DateApril 21, 2012
Written ByAustinandallywiki
Directed ByAustinandallywiki
Production No.107
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"Musicals & Mansions"
"Lockers & Lovers"

Parties & Proms is the seventh episode of A High School Rockstar, part of the Back-to-back episode special. It was released to Youtube on April 21, 2012. This is not considered a full plot episode. The producers made this episode as an extension of Musicals & Mansions, but would be too long so instead, it became two episodes, featured in the Special Back-to-Back Episode Weekend.


When Austin, Ally, Trish, Dez, Lexi and Aaron finds out about the school prom, the boys looks for their dates. Austin surprises Ally, asking her to the prom with a special twist. At the same time, Aaron asks Lexi out to the prom. Trish doesn't have a date, so she and Dez decided to go together. After the prom, they go to an after party where but was crashed. At the end of the episode, It is seen that Dez, for the first time, compliments Trish which might grow into something bigger.


Guest StarsEdit


  • This episode was suppose to be part of "Musicals & Mansions"
  • It was first titled as "Musicals & Proms"
  • This is the shortest episode of Season 1
  • This episode was released on April 23, 2012 due to technical issues

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