Pastries & Paybacks

Season 1, Episode 14

Pastries & Paybacks
Air DateJuly 14, 2012
Written ByAustinandallywiki
Directed ByAustinandallywiki
Production No.114
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Pastries & Paybacks is the fourteenth episode of A High School Rockstar. It aired on July 14, 2012.


Austin & Ally celebrates their first year as partners and Trish plans them a party. Trish gets a job at the Pastry shop to bake food for their party and avoid spending too much money. Two unexpected enemies, Demonica Dixon and Tilly Thompson, arrive days before the party which threaten to destroy Austin & Ally's career and partnership.


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  • This episode was produced before the premiere, but it was changed a little bit by the writer.
  • This episode has two alternate titles: "The Revenge of the H8ters & Managers" and "H8ters & Managers".

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