Penny Dawson
Full namePenny Dawson
Resides inMiami, FL
OccupationAuthor, Safari Explorer
ChildrenAlly Dawson
RomancesLester Dawson (ex-husband)
OtherSpencer Dawson (Nephew)
First Seen"Bad Lucks & Bad Teachers"
ActorJulia Campbell

Penny Dawson is Ally's mother. She is portrayed by Julia Campbell.

About Her

Penny is Ally's mom and Lester's ex-husband. She explores safaris in different parts of the world as her career and often writes a book about her experiences. She is most experienced with Gorillas and their behaviours. She often compares people's behaviours with those of gorillas. She is a very supportive and loving mother, always there for her daughter.

She also encourages her a lot to show off her talent to the world. Like Ally, she loves love and is crazy for romance. She likes Austin as her daughters boyfriend, and believes that they will be a good pair. She also cares for Ally's friends, especially Trish. She treats her life her own daughter and gives her advice and is always there when she is in trouble.

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