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Practice Room
TitlePractice Room
LocationMiami, FL
BuildingMall of Miami at Sonic Boom
Season1, 2

Practice Room , also known as Ally's Practice Room, is a room located in the second storey of Sonic Boom.

About It[]

The practice room is often the place where Ally spends her time, together with her friends. It contains a sofa set, a refrigerator, a TV, a foosball table, and a piano. It is where Austin works with Ally whenever the write a new song and sometimes uses the practice room to practice and record some songs.

It is also a place they meet up, and where they get to hang out. They sometimes do movie nights at the practice room, as seen at "Movies & Marathons" and have done some cooking in the room, as seen in "Accidents & Arts". As located in the second storey, the practice room is often the safest part of the store, when Team Austin hides out there when a storm breaks out in Miami, in the episode "Stars & Storms".