Rumours & Rockstars

Season 2, Episode 02

Rumours & Rockstars
Air DateOctober 6, 2012
Written ByAaron Moon
Directed ByAaron Moon
Production No.202
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Rumours & Rockstars is the second episode in Season 2 of A High School Rockstar. It aired on October 6, 2012.


Austin and the gang are in for a surprise after Miami's top intriguing teen magazine publishes its newest issue talking about Austin and his friends, only to find rumours about them. Samantha's parents immediately confront her about the rumours. The group plans on showing the magazine a true Rockstar.


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The title has been looked over by creators and producers of A High School Rockstar and have decided to incorporate the British English spelling of "Rumour" ("Rumor" in American English) for the title. This will then attract Europeans to read the series.

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