SOTA Miami
NameSchool Of The Arts (SOTA) Miami
LocationMiami, FL
GradesCollege Level
Year OpenedTBA
TypeFine Arts College
School MascotTBA
Sports TeamTBA
First Seen"New Beginnings & Newcomers" (Mentioned)
Last SeenN/A

School Of The Arts Miami (or SOTA Miami) is a fine arts college located in Miami, Florida. It was first mentioned in New Beginnings & Newcomers. This is where Jake Daugherty currently studies in as an actor.

About[edit | edit source]

There is not much information about the school. It is a school for fine arts student that will take up acting, art, music and other fine art courses in the future. It has a student council with Jake being the president. It is also known that they have horrible hamburgers and uses horse meat for the patty.

Known Students[edit | edit source]

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