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Sean Hunter
Full nameSean Hunter
BirthdateDecember 2, 1996
Resides inMiami, Fl
Part-time Actor
SchoolMiami Senior High School
RomancesAlly Dawson (Crush)
First Seen"Music Videos & Masks"
ActorAnsel Elgort

Sean Hunter is a 24-year old student and part-time actor. He is first introduced in the episode, Music Videos & Masks, as Ally's love interest in the music video. He is portrayed by Ansel Elgort.

About Him[]

Sean is a very clumsy, unorganized yet charming student from Miami Senior High and also a part-time actor. He seems to get distracted, which causes him to be clumsy, bumping into tables and other objects. He also doesn't know how to align dates in his resume properly and makes silly mistakes, like when he typed his birth year to be 1956 instead of 1996. Nonetheless, he is very polite and apologizes for the mistakes and his clumsiness. Ally also indirectly described his lips to be kissable, saying that he would kiss him.

Although not to good with resumes and is clumsy, Sean seems to be smooth when it comes to girls. He is a gentleman and shows his appreciation to people like Ally. He also came straight forward by asking Ally out. He seems to have a crush on Ally. Even though he was able to ask Ally out, he still forgot to tell her the date or time.