Spencer Dawson
Full nameSpencer Dawson
Resides inTBA
SchoolMiami Senior High School
RomancesLexi Reed (Crush)
OtherAlly Dawson (Cousin)
Lester Dawson (Uncle)
Penny Dawson (Aunt)
First Seen"New Beginnings & Newcomers"
Last SeenN/A
ActorAustin North

Spencer Dawson is Ally's cousin who decides to stay in Miami with the Dawsons.

About Him

Spencer is Ally’s cousin, from her Lester's side of the family. He does not have close relationships with Ally’s family as they have only seen each other once, when he was three years young. He is very friendly and is very social. He gets very distracted, especially when it comes to Lexi. He is very similar to Brian, who is very smooth with girls. He also has some sense of humor and gets along well with Team Austin. He adjusts very fast to new environment and friends.

Spencer is can sometimes be boastful. He considers himself a master when planning and holding parties. Spencer is also very convincing as he managed to convince Ally to let him stay in Miami. Spencer also cares about his study as he decides to stay in Miami to find a good university after graduating High School.

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