Spies & Missions

Season 1, Episode 05

Spies & Missions
Air DateApril 8, 2012
Written ByAustinandallywiki
Directed ByAustinandallywiki
Production No.105
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Spies & Missions is the fifth episode of A High School Rockstar. It was released to Youtube on April 8, 2012. This is the very first special episode of A High School Rockstar and it is the first episode where the initials of the title is not the same.


The group has a week off from school and they need to look for something to do fast. While at the food court, they think of ideas of how they were going to spent their holidays without requiring any work but just fun. While on their way to Sonic Boom they fall into a trapdoor down underground and onto a train cart.

They stop by a secret spy headquarters which have accidentally lead them there instead of the Spy hanging back at the Mall of Miami. The spy headquarters had no choice but to train Austin and his friends to go on a mission at Dubai.

After five days of training, they travel to Dubai to prevent a thief from destroying the music world. "Spoiler Alert for those who haven't read this episode": They succeed in their mission and was sent back to Miami.


Guest StarsEdit


On August 29, 2012, Laugh Productions and Creator of the series, Aaron Moon, reviewed the episode "Spies & Missions". A part of the script was then removed due to inappropriateness. Youtube Channel, Austinandallywiki, has removed this part from the video script and also removed certain comments pertaining to the part.

Laugh Productions will be deciding if this episode would be withdrawn from Youtube, or if it would just stay. Aaron Moon apologizes to the viewers who found this inappropriate.

On August 30, Laugh Productions has decided not to remove the episode, but just to remove the inappropriate part.

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