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Theresa Russo
Full nameTheresa Magdalena Margarita Ann Russo
Resides inManhattan, New York, US
OccupationWaverly Sub Station
ChildrenJustin Russo
Alex Russo
Max Russo
RomancesJerry Russo (Husband)
First Seen"Wizards & Wrecks"
Last Seen"Wizards & Wrecks"
ActorMaria Canals Barrera

Theresa Russo is the mother of Alex, Justin, and Max. She runs the Waverly Sub Station with her husband, Jerry. As a mortal, she possesses no powers, but encourages her children's discovery of things such as school and their Latino heritage.

About Her[]

Theresa Russo is a typical mother. She's fussy, caring, and can be pretty embarrassing. Theresa lives in Waverly Place in Manhattan with her husband, Jerry Russo, and her children: Justin, Alex, and Max. Unlike her children, she is a mortal. She dislikes magic probably because she was once possessed by a Wizard's love spell for twelve years.