Transfers & Tacos

Season 2, Episode 18

Transfers & Tacos
Air DateMarch 2, 2013
Written ByDaniel Arch
Directed ByAaron Moon
Production No.218
ChannelMoon Channel
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"Bad Lucks & Bad Teachers"

Transfers & Tacos is the eighteenth episode in Season 2 of A High School Rockstar. It aired on March 2, 2013.


Team Austin gets to babysit the transfer student from the Philippines whom they become interested in when they found out he has a musical talent. The gang then brings him to Taco-Licious where Austin will be performing, but Trish accidentally serves them spoiled Tacos, preventing Austin from performing.

Song Featured


Guest Cast


  • Brent's portrayer was voted by viewers.
  • This marks Sam Concepcion's first appearance. Although he will be appearing in more episodes, he is not considered a Recurring or a Minor cast.

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