Trish has had many jobs throughout the series, often having more than one in just a single episode. Here are a list of the jobs featured in the episodes, and some just mentioned. They are ordered in chronological order by episode. So far, Trish's latest or current job is Reptile World.

Season 1Edit

Songwriting & SchoolEdit

Austin's ManagerEdit

Trish was hired by Austin way before the series. She is still currently holding the job title. She helps Austin find gigs and does everything to help Austin gets discovered. Of all the jobs Trish had, this is the only job she enjoys and the only job she has had for a long time.

Dates & DaresEdit

Red LovesterEdit

Trish got a job at Red Lovester, parody of Red Lobster, where she gives Austin & Ally a gift certificate for a dinner date for two. She was fired because she took the gift certificate, which obviously wasn't free for employees. She only worked there for a few hours.

Dress HutEdit

After getting fired from Red Lovester, Trish takes on a job at Dress Hut. She mainly took the job to get discounts on dresses and she loves putting them on while doing her shift instead of doing actual work. Trish didn't last long at Dress Hut and was fired for, again, taking a gift card without permission. Although the gift card was empty, she was still fired as she wrecked some dresses that she tried on (Not mentioned in the story).

Stars & StormsEdit

Ashley's FurnitureEdit

BgbbvtvttvtvfrvTrish had this job for a few days. She thought she was fired from her job so she went on to apply for the Choc-o-late Shop but her manager at Ashley's Furniture saw her. She was fired because she didn't know she wasn't fired and applied for a job.

Season 2Edit

Secrets & SnakesEdit

Reptile WorldEdit

Trish had a job at Reptile World with Zac and Dez. She sometimes takes care of the store before closing. She doesn't know when her shift starts, and can be a day or a week ago. She was fired for not knowing where the snakes went, when in reality, she knew exactly where.

Sports & ScamsEdit

Walking DogsEdit

It was mentioned that Trish walked some dogs in this episode. Brian told Trish to walk their dog, even though they didn't have one. Trish also mistaken Mr. Stilinski's yard with Zac's yard and took Mr. Stilinski's dog. She then lost the dog while walking it. She might have had this as an independent job, or she was part of a larger group that walks dogs as a job. She stopped after losing Mr. Stilinski's dog.

Scam FreeEdit

Scam Free is a store that Trish got a job in. Although not a real store, Trish was paid to do nothing. It was assumed she liked this job. She was then fired by Mr. Stilinski after she brought Ally and Lexi to the store, revealing his prank. Although she liked the job, she didn't care if she was fired, as she was used to it.

Competitions & ClownsEdit

Miami International AirportEdit

Trish got a job at the airport on the day they left for California. Trish only worked here not longer than an hour, telling the others she got a job there when they were already on the plane. It is assumed Trish was automatically fired as she left for California after getting hired.

Punk'd GuestEdit

Trish, alongside the gang and Chyna and her friends, were involved in this TV Show were they were pranked. Although not a real job, it can be considered one, as Trish appeared on TV. It is also assumed that they were paid some money since it aired on TV.

Valentines & VaultsEdit

No job was mentioned in this episode.

Transfers & TacosEdit


Trish got a job at Taco-Licious on Brent's first day in school. She didn't like this particular job since they had no freezer and she couldn't find a place to sleep in, as she usually takes a nap in huge freezers in some restaurants that she works in. She made spoiled Tacos for the gang, causing them to fall sick, which might be the reason she was fired.

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