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Vinyl Records
TitleVinyl Records
Founded OnTBA
Country of OriginUnited States
LocationMiami, Florida, US (Headquarters)
Current CEOSarah Vinyl

Vinyl Records is an american record label headquartered in Miami. It is run by Sarah Vinyl.


Vinyl Records is considered one of the top two record label companies in Miami, along side Starr Records. Vinyl Records handles clients from Katy Perry to rising stars like Ally Dawson. Vinyl Records have a simple way of signing clients just with a contract. Vinyl Records give their clients big opportunities like an album release even within weeks of being a client. Vinyl Records also see their potential client's talents like recording songs before signing them.

Every year, Vinyl Records also holds a training event to give their artists opportunities to become active. They hire one of the most famous trainers in the industry, David Fitt every year to give them intense exercise and routines. Vinyl Records usually holds the annual event in Miami, but has held it in other locations like Hollywood, California the previous year.