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Vira Emp
Full nameVira Emp
Resides inLos Angeles, CA
OccupationPersonal Assistant
First Seen"Vampires & Vests"
Last Seen"Ghosts & Ghouls"
ActorJennifer Veal

Vira Emp is a guest character in Season 2 of A High School Rockstar. She is assistant of famous teen pop star, Jane Grant. She is portrayed by Jennifer Veal.

About Her[]

On the outside, Vira looks like the typical assistant who works hard and does her job well. But on the inside, she is a blood-sucking vampire who drinks human blood to quench her thirst. Although loyal to Jane as her personal assistant, Vira would drink anyone's blood who stands in her way or who she thinks has good blood.

Episode History[]

Season 2[]

Vampires & Vests[]

Vira is introduced by Jane as her PA or personal assistant to the group. She was described as pale, or someone who looks dead. Throughout the episode, the group thinks that the vampire is Jane, but in reality, it is her. She plans on killing everyone in the concert including Austin to quench her thirst for human blood. Her plan fails after Aaron throws a bottle of Holy Water on her and she disintegrate. At the end of the episode, her voice could be heard echoing Sonic Boom with the words, "I'll be back!".