You Can Come To Me
TitleYou Can Come To Me
Performed ByAlly Dawson & Austin Moon
WriterMatthew Tishler
Amy Powers
Episode"Bad Lucks & Bad Teachers"
"Who I Am"

You Can Come To Me is a duet song in Season 2 of A High School Rockstar. It is performed by Austin & Ally at Penny Dawson's book release party. It was written by Ally on the series, but in real life, it was written by Matthew Tishler and Amy Powers.


When you're on your own
Drowning alone
And you need a rope that can pull you in
Someone will throw it

And when you're afraid 
That you're gonna break
And you need a way to feel strong again
Someone will know it

Austin & Ally:
And even when it hurts the most
Try to have a little hope
'Cause someone's gonna be there when you don't
When you don't

If you wanna cry, I'll be your shoulder
If you wanna laugh, I'll be your smile
If you wanna fly, I will be your sky
Anything you need that's what I'll be

If you wanna climb, I'll be your ladder
If you wanna run, I'll be your road
If you want a friend, doesn't matter when
Anything you need, that's what I'll be
You can come to me

You can come to me,

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